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Saturday, November 2, 2013

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Tips and Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic Using Google Webmaster Tools

Tips and Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic Using Google Webmaster Tools
Blog traffic is one of the top goals of every savvy blogger to achieve. It is a long term process to increase blog traffic significantly. You can't improve your blog traffic in a day. You have to work hard on your blog to build its ranking and readership to receive decent amount of traffic. I have already shared some tips to increase blog traffic in my previous posts that you must follow. But today I bring a very interesting and genuine trick to increase your blog traffic using Google Webmaster Tools. If you follow this trick wisely then no doubt you can double your traffic in short period of time. Without taking your time any more, let see how to use Google Webmaster Tools to improve traffic of a blog or website.

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Using Google Webmaster Tools to Increase Blog Traffic

Log in to your Google Webmaster Tools account.

Choose your blog.

Now from the left side menu, click on Traffic tab and choose Search Queries.

Once you click on Search Queries link, a complete list of search queries terms will appear on your screen. Internet users use those keywords in search engines to find and to reach at your blog. That means you are receiving maximum traffic from those search queries. See below screenshot of search queries for this blog.

Tips and Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic Using Google Webmaster Tools

Now the trick is, pick all short trail keywords which are 100% relevant to your blog niche. We will target those keywords to improve traffic to our blog.

Once you select the relevant keywords, list all of them into a separate text file like in notepad.

If you target those keywords in your blogging, then your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) will increase very fast because they all are those keywords for which your blog is already performing well in search results.

Start working on those search queries and notice a significant improvement in your blog traffic.

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How to Target Keywords?

To target those keywords you can use multiple methods of SEO and blogging. I am mentioning some of them below:
Start writing some best articles using those keywords for your blog. The more you update your blog targeting those keywords, the higher you rank in search results.

Build Quality backlinks for those articles and use your keywords in link building.

Must Read: Tips To Build Quality Backlinks For Blog

Do Off page SEO for your blog by targeting those search queries. You can use article submission, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission etc.
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Build Quality Backlinks For Blog Tips and Tricks

Build Quality Backlinks For Blog Tips and Tricks
Backlinks can change the way of blogging. If Quality Backlinks can improve your blog ranking then bad and poor backlinks can ruin your all efforts and hardwork into vain. Webmasters need to give special preferences to quality of backlinks. In Panda and Penguin World, quantity of backlinks doesn't matter. The thing which matter is Quality. In past, webmasters used to generate backlinks using poor techniques like profile links, link exchange with random websites, generating too many links with same anchor text on which they want to rank their blog in search engines. But the time has changed now. Google hates all of these link building techniques. Now we have to work on quality not the quantity. In this article I will share some best tips that can be follow to generate high quality backlinks.

Quality Backlinks

Below are some general methods of getting backlinks to a blog and you may be aware with them. But in this post I will tell you how to follow these methods correctly without any risk of SEO penalties. So, take a look at what to do and how.

Tip 1: Blog Commenting

Most of you will know that blog commenting is the best method for link building to a blog but do you know how blog commenting works. This is highly recommended to add blog commenting in your blogging schedule. Leave at least 10 comments daily on high ranked blogs same with your niche. It will not only help you in link building but also help you to increase blog traffic. Most of bloggers will know the benefits of blog commenting but they don't know how to take proper benefits of their time they spend on commenting on other blogs. Commenting on those blogs where you get nofollow link is a waste of time. Work on those blogs where you can get dofollow backlink for your blog.
Use search engines to find CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled blogs and leave valuable comments on those blogs on daily basis. When you comment on those blogs then below every comment your recent posted post will be shown with title as anchor text. And even you can also use your keyword in the name field like this Blogger Tips and Tricks. That means you can get two backlinks from single comment. It will help you to generate high quality dofollow backlinks and your Page Rank will increase.

Find CommuntLuv and KeywordLuv Enabled Blogs

This is really a simple job to find those blogs which have installed Communtluv and KeywordLuv commenting system in it. Simply go with your favorite search engine and type the below query.

1) your keyword "CommentLuv"2) your keyword "KeywordLuv"

It means if I need to find blogs with blogging niche then I will search query like blogging "CommentLuv".

Once you enter these types of search terms you will get the list of CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled blogs. Use them to increase your blog backlinks. Spend at least 20-30 minutes daily to read those blog's articles and leave valuable comment there. Don't put short comments like nice article, good article and all. Blog owner will not accept these types of comments and your efforts will be waste.

Tip 2: Use Forums

Use Forums

Participating in webmaster forums can help you to increase your blog readership. Readers will let to know about your blog and hence new visitors land to read your content. Denote some time from your schedule to use forums for link building. Answer the questions there under your perfection of field and use signature as a link back to your site. You can use below forums.

Digital Point Forum

This forum is especially for webmasters and SEO niche. You can ask your questions there as well can reply to those questions asked by others. Try to reply with best answer. Once your answers got liked by 3 established users then you will also become an established user. Then you can use signature below every answer which you give. Use link pointing back to your blog in signature column. Visit Digital Point Forum.

Yahoo Answers

"Yahoo Answers" is the best place to increase your blog traffic fast. There are millions of visitors on this question answer website. You should join this site for your own benefits. Spend some time to reply other's questions. There are 10 levels and when the number of your answers will increase these levels will also increase. As same as digital point forum, here you have the opportunity to put your blog link in source column. But that link will not be active. If you want an active link then you have to reach on second level. Second level means 250 points. 2 points for each answer and 10 points for the best answer if voted by the person who asks the question. Do answering on regular basis, it will bring new visitors to your blog and if they subscribe your feedburner feed then they will become your blog readers. Visit Yahoo Answers.

Tip 3: Guest Blogging

Write your best and unique articles for other's blog. Yes, you heard right. Write for others and in return you will be awarded with a very powerful dofollow and targeted backlink with anchor text of your choice. Find blogs under the same niche which you have and contact their owners using contact us form in their blog to submit guest post. If they agree to publish your post on their blog then submit your post and include one or two link between content or in the Author's Bio section with your main keyword as anchor text. Guest Posting is beneficial for both the parties. Blog owners receive free and high quality articles for the blog and in return you receive high quality backlink for your blog.

Note: Don't always build backlinks for your blog homepage. Try to build backlinks for internal pages also like category pages or any related post. For more SEO benefits you can also link to your sitemap page. By sitemap page, I mean the page which contains links to all published posts into your blog. You can visit my blog sitemap page for better understanding named as Blogger Tips And Tricks. By linking to that page means killing two birds with single stone. First is it will help Google Bots to crawl and index all of your posts and second is visitors will have to click to the links to read the article hence more page views.

Tip 4: Internal Linking of Posts

Internal links and External Links both plays an important role in SEO. Internal links also count as quality backlinks. Google loves those blogs which works on internal linking strategy. Let me tell you how internal linking works. Whenever you right new post, try to link your previous posts or popular posts with proper anchor text. It has multiple benefits like:

Build Backlinks for all posts.

Search engine crawlers will let to know about your blog content in deep. All the posts will get indexed fast. Hence better crawl rate.
Increase blog visit time, hence better ranking in search results.
So, what you think does internal linking works? Obviously works dear. Just try it and you will let to know yourself.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

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How To Download Complete Back Up of Blog

Today’s tutorial is for bloggers on the Blogger platform (as opposed to WordPress or Tumblr, etc.). However, the advice is applicable across all blogging platforms.

Most of the newbies in the blogging world enter into the blogging world with "Blogger" platform to get started in blogging. The reason is simple, It's free of hosting by which we'll save our money, search engine friendly which helps to drive more traffic, fastest server because it's on Google's own server and a lot. But the worst thing about Blogger is its automated classification system which detects the spam blog posts and comment and removes them. Actually, This is for the safety of us but in another way, sometimes it wastes our hard work by deleting the whole blog. If you're using Blogger as your blogging platform, then I recommend you to always take complete backup of your blog in order to be safe from that classification system. So here I'm going to guide you on how can we get the complete backup of a blogger blog.

Why To Download Complete Backup Of Blogger Blog?

This question might be arrived in your mind that why we should download a complete backup of our blog. So let me give you a brief reason for it. The reason it that Blogger has automated classification system which is really strict in its rules and if your blog get caught by it then your blog can be deleted without any warning. So if we've a backup of our blog then our hard work can't be wasted but if no backup then all the hard work goes into the water. The second reason is that if someone hacked your Blogger account and deletes the whole blog of you then what will you do? You will try to contact Google for giving your account back to you but unfortunately if didn't get your account back then can you tolerate to get your hard work in water? I think No. So, Complete backup of a blog can also help us here.

Download Complete Backup Of Blogger Blog

I don't think this is any difficult task but you may need hint to do this task. We need to download two things from your blog. The first thing is the template and the second thing is the whole content of your blog. So let's begin with the first step.

Backup Blogger Template Of Your Blog

  • Go To Blogger >> Template
  • Click On The Backup/Restore Button At The Top Right Corner.
How To Download Complete Back Up of Blog

  • Now a Popup Will Appear Where You Can Download and Restore Your Template.
  • Simply, Click "Download Full Template" Button.

How To Download Complete Back Up of Blog
So, Now After Downloading Template, Let's Jump To The Next Step.

Download Whole Content or Blog

  • Go To Blogger >> Settings >> Others
  • There You Will See "Blog Tools" Area On The Top.
  • There Will Be "Export Blog" Button, So Click It To Export or Download Your Blog.
How To Download Complete Back Up of Blog

  • When You Will Click The "Export Blog" Button, A Popup Will Appear Same Like As Clicking On Download/Restore Button.
  • But Here You Can Only Download Your Blog, So Click On "Download Blog" Button.
How To Download Complete Back Up of Blog

Now Wait a Bit, It Will Take Some Minutes To Download Your Complete Blog.
That's All!

Final Words

I don't think this was any difficult tutorial. It was really easy but if we come to the article then you might don't know that information. So, This post depends on the information which I've given. And I hope you've got something new to learn in this little post. Facing any problem? Feel free to ask in the comments because I'm always here to help you. Please share your views about this post in the comments and also share it with your friends. Cheers!
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Friday, October 25, 2013

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Remove Blogger Navbar Tips and Tricks

Remove Blogger Navbar Tips and Tricks

Blogger platform is simple and easy to use. There are numberless third party templates available in the blog-o-sphere. You can use any template to give your blog a professional look. But if you are using blogger's default templates then you definitely notice that there is a navbar (navigation bar) at the top of your blog. This navbar looks nasty and it shows that this is not a website but simply a free blog. It will ruin your efforts to convert your blog into a professional blog. So, at that time you may think to remove navbar from your blogger blog. Don't worry I have the solution of your problem and it is very easy to remove the navbar. Let's start the tutorial.

Remove Navbar from Blogger Blog

There are two methods by which you can remove navbar from your blog. First by hiding it using CSS and second one is by disable it from blogger layout. Let see both the methods.
Hide Navbar Using CSS

Go to Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML

Please Backup your blog template first. (Read this: How to backup template in blogger?)

Search for
Now paste the below code just above it.
#navbar-iframe { display: none !important;}
Click save template button.

You are done!

Disable Blogger Navbar

If you don't want to put additional CSS code in your blog template then you can also remove navigation bar by using below method.
Go to Blogger >> Layout

Now click on edit under the navbar section. See below screenshot.
Remove Blogger Navbar Tips and Tricks

A Navbar Configuration pop up will open. Choose "off" from the various options.

Remove Blogger Navbar Tips and Tricks

Click on save button.

You are done!

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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Beginners SEO Tips to Boost Your Online Business

You own a website; administer it by yourself using all your skill, information, knowledge and comprehension to make a big name in the online world. Now you want to make money online. But the question is a big HOW?

Certainly, there is no second answer to this question except that it is only possible if the rank of your blog or website attains a higher position in search engines raking. Monetization needs immense and intense traffic generation on your blog or website. If you don’t know how to attract potential visitors you fail to monetize from your blog or website. Other good features of your website or blog are marred by the fact that you got a very low traffic.

 Beginners SEO Tips to Boost Your Online Business

To raise the ranking of your blog or website you need their SEO. Applying effective SEO tips and tricks and good techniques takes your blog or site at the top of web pages’ search made through any engine. All search engines including Google and Yahoo need some stuff to crawl through and identify your web/blog pages during keywords or key phrase searches. Being on top attracts more and more visitors and ultimately helps you make money online.  

Knowing right kind of SEO tips and tricks and useful techniques makes you an exceptional blogger and a very professional webmaster. 

So follow some of our great beginners SEO Tips and become the best blogger and an excellent webmaster.

Content Writing

Content is the king in online world. It is the life of your blog or website. If you want to have several pages you need lots of articles. The quality of your content must also be excellent. It should be useful satisfying the needs of readers. When a reader finds excellent content and with useful stuff in it, he reads it thoroughly and stays on your blog/web pages for a long time, clicking on other articles and pages. It increases the chances of clicks on your ads as well which gives you money in return. So, you see how good content works for you. 

Article Spinning

Article spinning is another great SEO tip which can come in very handy. Perhaps it is one of the most basic helpful SEO techniques as it helps you create diverse versions of a particular article with just a few clicks. So if you are not the best writer yourself you can make the best use of this technique to overcome your writing deficiency. 

Social Media Campaign

Again another useful SEO tip is to run an intense promotional campaign for your blog or website using social media networks. These networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. have a large membership; literally in billions. This could turn out to be of a great help in your blog or website’s marketing. 

Your contacts and followers and their contacts and followers and so on make a chain of contacts which when read about your site or blog and articles on them are likely to click on your link. Immense amount of traffic can be generated through this way. Don’t forget to exploit the potentials of social media in SEO. 

Linkbuilding Knowhow 

Link building is a great technique to optimize your blog or website. Your bog’s or website’s link must be present on innumerable pages for the better SEO. You must know the art of backlink development and link building. 

You can do it by writing articles for others blogs and websites. The people who surf on net for information and visit various sites and blogs must read your articles (posted on these sites and blogs), if these are informative and contain helpful content. 

Remember you must write articles for such blogs and sites which allow you to place your link on their pages. Such pages will make your blog or website the next landing point for the visitors for more information they require. You get organic visitors in this way. Certain keywords and keyphrases with in the articles, written by you, contain links which when clicked direct the reader to your site.

Create Profile on Email Addresses, Social Networks and Platforms etc.

This is a very important thing for the optimization process. You must create as many profiles as you can. These profiles have to be created on email addresses, social networking sites, blog platforms, article submitting sites, forums, social bookmarks etc. This is really going to pay you through a lot of traffic generation in result, because those who go through your profiles are much likely to visit your blog or website.

Create Spreadsheet and Encode Data

It is very vital to create spreadsheet to place the information regarding the email addresses and accounts which you have created during profile. This must be employed as another useful basic SEO technique.

This is important because no one is capable of memorizing a huge amount of data which is ever increasing with every passing day. Creation of spreadsheet helps you store all the data you need for promotion of your blog or website.  It also serves as your progress report to determine what you have already done for your project and what you still need to do.

Hope you find our beginners SEO tips useful and employ them in true sense of optimization for your blog or website. We are in constant strive to give you more and more for monetization of your blogs and website. 

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9 Tips To Reduce Blogger Blog Load Time

Loading time of a blog is really an important factor in SEO’s prospective. Every webmaster should care for his/her blog’s loading time because now a day’s major search engines consider load time as a ranking factor specially Google. Beside this, visitors also don’t like such sites that take too much time to load. They will surely press back button and go to another place for the information they are searching for. It will also increase bounce rate that affects your blog ranking. So, Today I decided to share my own way on how to reduce load time in Blogger Blog. Below are some very important tips that you can use to optimize your blog load speed.

Tips To Reduce Blog Load Time

Avoid JavaScript
JavaScript makes page loading speed slow. Try to remove unnecessary JavaScript codes from your blog. Don’t link to external sites for storing your JavaScript codes whilst you can save them inside your blogger blog. You can save your all JavaScript codes in your template above by using the code below,

<script type=’text/javascript’>
Paste Your JavaScript Code Here

Just replace the bolded text with the JavaScript code you want to store in your template.

Widgets and Social Media Buttons

Widgets and social media buttons are really very important but use of too many social media buttons and unnecessary widgets can slower your blog. Try to remove widgets that are not really necessary for your blog and use social media buttons wisely.

Give Proper Dimensions To Images

Always give proper height and width to the images you are using in your posts, because it help the browsers to load the image quickly. To give height and width attribute to your images use below code.

<img width=”" height=”" src=”URL Of Image” />

Don’t Use An Image As A Background

If your blog template have image as a background, then remove it. A background image is responsible for slow loading speed. Always use background colors not an image. To remove background image simply search below code and remove it from your template.

body { background: #B3B3B3 url(;

The code will surely be different in your template. To remove background image, search this type of code in your template and simply remove the text which looks like the bold text.

Reduce Advertisement On Blog

Advertisement banners are coded with JavaScript. As I already told you in tip no 1 that too much use of JavaScript make blog loading speed slower. So please use limited advertisements on your blog.

Limited Number Of Posts At Home Page

Try to show only 4-5 posts at your Homepage because if you use too many posts to show at Homepage then it will take more time to load. Fast loading Homepage keeps your visitors happy and they will stay at your blog for long time.

Always Use Quality Blogger Templates

Most of newbie bloggers do this mistake. They upload any template that attracts them. There are lot of templates available on the internet but most of them are improper scripted. Using of those templates make job tough for search engine spiders to crawl your blog. You can use these Blogger Templates for your blog as they all are developed by a certified professional.

Use Read More Link To Summarize Blog Posts At Homepage

Always summarize your blog post for Homepage by using a read more link. It has two benefits.

Improve Blog Load Time.
Increase Page views and Reduce Bounce Rate.

Eliminate External Links

Eliminate all unnecessary external links from your blog. One common example for this is using stat counters. You can use Google Analytics instead of stat counter widgets to check your website traffic status.
How To Check Blog Load Speed?

There are lot of tools available on the internet which can be used to check your blog load time. Here I am listing two famous tools.

Google PageSpeed Insight

Pingdom Tools

Just open the link and type your blog address like this.


These are 9 Tips that you can apply to improve your blog loading speed. If you are aware with more tips that can help to reduce load time in blogger blogs, then please share them with me through comments. Your help will be appreciated.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

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Great Ways Earn Money from Your Blog

You can make money either directly from your blog or make money because of your blog. In the former method, you show advertisements to your visitors or sell affiliate products while in the latter style, you make money indirectly as blogging can help you find a new job or get freelancing work (after all, your blog is a portfolio of your thoughts, ideas and skills.)

To display advertisements on your blog, you can either partner with existing advertising programmes (like Google Adsense, Chitika, etc) or contact prospective advertisers directly (say you have a popular blog about Sports Shoes, then Nike or Reebok could be interested in showcasing their products to your visitors).
We will first discuss the popular advertising programmes and then suggest a few other approaches to generate income from your blog.

Blog-Ads are the pioneer in blog advertising. 

Blog-ads generally pay well and also provide you the liberty to choose which ads are displayed on your blog. The other big advantage is that Blog-ads offer a fixed payment irrespective of the number of site visitors. But the downside is that you can gain entry into the Blog-ads network, only when your website receives a decent amount of traffic and some advertiser is willing to sponsor you. That could be a huge requirement for a new blog but established bloggers should consider Blog-ads, provided they find sponsors.

The biggest and most famous player in web advertising is Google. 

Their Google Adsense program is hugely popular because it offers contextual ads, meaning Google spiders scan the content of the webpage on which Google Ads would be displayed and then show ads based on the context of the content. Contextual Ads offer very good returns, as site visitors are more interested in knowing about products that are related to the content they are reading. For example, someone reading about cars will show more interest in advertisements about car loans than in software like Microsoft Office. Google algorithms make sure that your site visitors see only relevant ads.

Getting Google Adsense ads for you blog is very simple.  

There are absolutely no pre-requirements like finding sponsors or site traffic levels or geographic location except one – your blog should stay away from topics like gambling, piracy or sexual content. Once you fit the bill, applying is a one step process. Google engineers review your site the next day and send you a small “ad code” that you can integrate in your blog. Ads start getting displayed almost immediately.

Google Ads can be either “Pay per Click” or “Pay per Impression”. 

Their reporting system is almost real-time – you can check at any time of the day what your earnings have been since the start of the day. Google even has the largest pool of advertisers, so you can virtually write on any topic and Google will find relevant ads for you. Also, Google Adsense is more suitable for Indian Publishers as Google sends a monthly payment cheque in Indian Rupees so you save paying bank commissions for international transactions. Highly recommended.

Chitika is another player though relatively new. 

Chitika Comparison Shopping Ads are generally more popular on product related blogs that write about gadgets, clothes, software since Chitika displays merchandise from Chitika Ads, known as Chitika eMiniMalls, are presented in an interactive ad unit – one can compare prices from different merchants, read the main features of a product and even search the shopping database – everything inside one ad.

Chitika is known to offer good returns but there’s one drawback. 

Though anyone can apply for their programme, Chitika won’t pay you for traffic from India, Pakistan and some other countries. That means if a site visitor in India clicks a Chitika ad, the site owner won’t receive any benefit. Sites that primarily receive traffic from US, UK can consider Chitika as a good alternative.

TextLinkAds and Adbrite are other popular site-targeted non-contextual advertising programmes. They are extremely popular with gambling, adult content and file uploading sites like rapidshare or megaupload. The reason that these programmes are popular lies in the flexibility and small entry-level requirements – an advertiser can choose to run his ad on your site, for just one day or maybe seven days and immediately calculate the conversion ratio. No bidding competitors and the ad is guaranteed to run on the blogger’s website. These programmes are particularly popular among small advertisers or who do not fit the Adwords Policies. Recommended. So we have looked at advertising, now let’s examine some different approaches to make money from blogs.

Become an Affiliate

Companies like Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction offer affiliate programmes. The way they function is that you promote a product like a book or a software on your blog, your readers visit the merchant’s website and when they actually buy it – you get a commission ranging from 5% up to 50% of the sale proceedings. Remember, the ratio of a site visit converting into a product sale, is very low.


Don’t be surprised, you can actually make good money from Donations. There are a lot of “good people” on planet earth who are willing to share their fortune (maybe just 0.00001%) provided they enjoy reading your blog and probably benefit from the blog content. For example, if you wrote about some fuel saving tip and if it actually worked, people may be interested in sending you a token of appreciation via Paypal.

There’s one more option ‘Sell your Blog as a Brand’ 

If you are a popular blogger and have a huge fan following, it’s time to capitalize on it. Start selling T-shirts, coffee mugs, handbags with your logo and your fans will actually buy them. CafePress is a popular choice here – When someone makes a purchase, Cafepress sends you a commission or if you can write eBooks on your favourite subjects, Blogs can be a good selling place.

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Best 5 Tips to Make Money with Blogging

Best 5 Tips to Make Money with Blogging
 Every bloggers dream is make money and get high  rank. Blogging is becoming a great way for people  to make either supplemental income or a full time  income online. They make money that comes from  the traffic they drive to the site. Then, through the  traffic, they are able to utilize advertisements and  other forms of sales strategies to entice people to  either click on their dads or to purchase products  promoted within the site. So what exactly are the '5  cool ways' to make money with a blog that you  mentioned in your title?

PPC ads or Pay-Per-Click advertisements 

These can be set up with a company such as Google AdSense. The ads can be set-up throughout a persons blog so that every time a person clicks on an ad they will get paid between $0.25 and $10.00 depending the on the cost Google is charging the advertisers. You get paid 50% of what they charge them.

Affiliate Products

This method involves promoting an affiliate product from a company such as ClickBank to promote a particular product they may help people from your blog. For example) If you teach people about dog training, you can promote an affiliate product that teaches people how to train their dog. These affiliate products typically pays out between 60-75% of what the vendor charges their customers.

Email Lists

The blogger usually creates an email list through a company such as AWeber. The customers are usually asked for an email address and name, and then are given an incentive such as a free dog training tips and tricks newsletter. The blogger could then send out offers for different affiliate products to promote with an affiliate link within the emails.

Amazon Products

This way of making money with a blog involves utilizing Amazon's affiliate network to promote actual physical products to the blogger's audience. If the blog is about dog training, the blogger would promote dog products or videos on training dogs. Amazon typically pays out between 6-10% of each sale made through your affiliate link.

Your Own Information Products or E books

This involves promoting your own product within your blog. This can be a short reports, E book, or training course (i.e. membership site). The blogger would be able to sell to his audience exactly what they want or need. This is a great form of product need and product solution for a blogger to make a nice amount of cash from its visitors.

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Blogging Success : Lessons Learned from Albert Einstein

This is a guest post by Hamza Butt.

As we all know that Albert Einstein was one of the most successful scientists and philosophers of this world. His life is not only a treasure of lessons for scientists but bloggers can also get some motivational lessons for blogging success by studying his life.
albert einstein bw

His success always inspire people to live their life his way. Now what is there for bloggers to learn from Albert Einstein? Actually there is a lot but today, I will only share some killer lessons that Einstein shared with us to give our blogging careers a lift.
It doesn't matter in which stage of blogging you are. These lessons will always inspire and show you the right way to get to success.

1 . Don't be Afraid of Failure

Most bloggers fear failure, simply because it costs them time to get to success or it will result in loss of money.
But that is just when we start losing our track. Most bloggers think that they will either succeed or fail but that's not the way things move in blogging because the road to destiny is always filled with failures. You have to be brave enough to face them then after facing those difficulties you get to success.
Well lets just talk about the Albert Einstein's famous E=mc2 theory. He failed to prove it the first time, he failed the second time then the third time and then the fourth time too but after all, he didn't gave up and after facing the failures at last he succeeded.
So as a whole failure is not a thing any blogger should fear from. Everybody has ideals perhaps you'll have some too. And if you have studied them you would have noticed that at your stage they were just like you, making the same mistakes. You know why? Because everyone starts from scratch.
Here's one quote for you.

Anyone who has never made a mistake , has never tried something new.
{Albert Einstein}

2. Live In the Moment

That is just what helps you to keep on working hard and creating quality content. For sure no one in this world gets more than he worked for it.
You should not always be thinking of days when you become an authority in your niche or earning thousands of dollars from your blog. Yes, it's true thinking about your goal always encourages you towards it but in the mean time doing it too much can get your attention off the hard work.
So keep working hard until you get there.

Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.
{Albert Einstein}

#3. Make Mistakes

Every mistake we make always gives us a lesson. So you should feel no shame in making mistakes.
What a mistake can teach you, a success can't.
Many bloggers give up, just because of the mistakes they make. They think that perhaps this job is too good for me. But that's not the reality, because everyone has got the potential to achieve what they want but only a few stick to the hard work and get to success.

Everybody is genius but if you judge a fish by it's ability of climbing a tree, It will spend it's whole life believing it's stupid.
{Albert Einstein}

4. Imagination Is Powerful

Your imagination is just what makes you different from others and it's just what is required. You need to be yourself, no one can think like you. Deal things the way you prefer, don't copy anyone because everyone else is already booked...!!!
I would like to share a quote here:

Logic will get you from A to B but imagination will take you everywhere.
{Albert Einstein}

5. Insanity Is Not the Way to Success

What really is insanity? and most importantly what was the definition Einstein gave to insanity?
According to Einstein:

Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and still hoping for different results.

These 15 words say a lot. Things again come to your imagination. If something is not working that works for the rest of the world then you need to change it and find a solution from your imagination.
You need to work out to get the problems solved for your blog. You can't just leave the things the way they are and still hope things will get better.
As Einstein said:

The purest form of insanity is to leave everything the same, and the same time hope that the things will change.

6. Learn the Rules and Then Play Better

All it requires is experience and everyone gets it through mistakes and failures. It doesn't really matter how big your failures are or how many mistakes you made as long as you learned a lesson from them.
You need to learn the rules as it will give you a better idea what blogging really requires from you.
So always be keen to increase your knowledge about blogging and the same time failures and mistakes are always there to push yourself towards perfection.
You have to learn the rules and then play better than anyone else.
{Albert Einstein}
Excellence is a habit not an act. It takes practice and perseverance.
{Albert Einstein}
These were some awesome lessons I have learned from Elbert Einstein which I think can help lead a blogging career to success. I hope you liked them and most importantly you learned something new and important from them.
Are there any other philosophies you know?

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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10 Tips To Design A Good Website

A good website often means that your business or organization is a credible one. Be it an NGO or an established corporate house, every institute /organization strives for a strong online presence. This is purely on the fact that today a major chunk of people resort to the online medium for their search needs. Hence a visually appealing website that is user-friendly and properly optimized is no more an option but a necessity.

A good website serves multiple needs of an organization. Whether the company wishes to generate leads/ sales or create a wider reach, a well designed website possesses the capability to fulfill all these requirements. 

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1. Nature Of The Business 

It should be understood that each business has its own separate needs which are essential to pay attention to while designing the website. Designing the website in accordance to the products/services is very important.

2. Avoid Using Too Many Flash Elements

At times the use of a myriad of flash elements negatively affects the loading time of the website. Also, avoid using unnecessary Java Script. 

3. Color

The use of colors is very important. They help in communicating the message that the company wishes to portray. For example a website dealing with children outfits can always opt for pink, orange and other fun colors

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4. Content

  • Always update content – videos, images etc.
  • Keep content that’s interactive
  • Facility of comment posting and feedback forms needs to be there to build up the chain of communication.

5. Using Narrow Column 

Readability of your website decreases if more than 12-13 words fit in 1 line. It’s advisable to use multiple columns. 

6. Consistency 

It is important to maintain consistency in the whole website format by using same color combination and same font size across all the pages. 

7. Website Security 

Duplication of the content, graphics and PayPal links should be avoided by making the website properly encrypted. The presence of website certificate helps as it verifies the authenticity of website to the concerned firm. 

8. Easy Navigation 

A website which is easily navigational is helpful in making the visitors stay on the website and make them scan through the information. The presence of archives is important as it aids them in getting a glimpse of the other web pages. Use breadcrumbs for quick access. 

9. Browser Compatibility

Ensure that the website is opening properly in all the browsers other than just Internet Explorer or Google Chrome so that it does not limit the accessibility of the website. 

10. Background

Make sure that your visitors can read the text on the background. So, don’t opt for bold colors like black or orange in the background. It’s advisable that you keep the background of your website white so that readers can read the text without any difficulties. Also keep in mind that your links are visible before and after being visited. 

Last but not the least make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

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