Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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How to Submit Your Blog to Technorati

How to Submit Your Blog to Technorati
How to Submit Your Blog to Technorati: Today i am going to discuss about Technorati and how to submit your blog to them.

Technorati is one of the biggest blog directory and blog submission with them definitely increases your traffic if your blog performs well. Blog submission with them is not a tough job. I will explain you all the steps one by one.

It has basically two parts.

Blog submission


So Let’s get started to submit your blog with Technorati.

   1.    Go to Technorati, and signup there by clicking Join
   2.    Signin to it and go to your Account.( click on your name near your image)

How to Submit Your Blog to Technorati

   3.    Go to footer section of Account page, you will find ‘start a blog claim’.

4.    Type your full blog url and click on claim.
   5.    Fill the claim form regarding your blog details.( fill categories, description and keywords to best define your blog ).

   6.    Your blog has been submitted, you will get blog claim status page, click on return to profile.

7.    Now again go to ‘My claimed blogs’  in the footer section of profile page and click on check claim on your newly added blog.
   8.    Now you have all the details regarding your blog verification.

Let’s start verification part

   1.    Now copy the which you have got in step 8,( if you want verification later, go to your account > my claimed blogs > check claim > copy code).
   2.    Paste the code anywhere in your newest post and publish.
   3.    Check your RSS feeds if it appears in it. (Go to step 4 only if step 3 completed)
   4.    Now again go to check claim page and click on ‘Verify claim token’
   5.    Your are done Technorati will mail you all the processing details regarding your blog. (generally it takes 1-2 days to verify your claim).

Finally your blog claim appear succesfull see below image.

Now you have done.

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